FAQs for Courtyard Cafe and Bar in Sheffield

Q Do you hold 18th & 21st birthday parties?

A I am sorry but we do not hold these parties due to a small section that have spoiled it for the rest.

Q Is there a high charge?

A Each party is different please contact us for a quote.

Q Can we do our own catering?

A Yes, but it's then your responsibility to clear up afterward.

Q Is it cheaper for us to cater?

A In my experience not really, by the time you have been and bought the food, someone has prepared it, then it's brought to the Courtyard the savings are minimal. Plus own catering always prepares far too much food and also we do the clearing up if we cater.

Q Do you have a bar?

A Yes,  Please note we call last orders when there is insufficient numbers of people left.

Q Do you have a DJ?

A Yes, our resident DJ charges

Q Can we get  our own DJ

A No sorry, since the fire in London management have insisted we only use our resident DJ

Q Do you allow children?

A Yes children are welcome with no set time limit.

Q Do you have a dance floor?

A Yes it holds about 30/40 people with an overflow space if required.